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“Before I started treatments with Elle Wellness a year ago, I was extremely lethargic and had no energy. Often times I felt like going to sleep at 6PM, but would still be tired when I woke up at 5:30AM. The team at Elle looked at my bloodwork and started me on a treatment that fit exactly what my body chemistry needed. I feel like a brand new person! I am full of energy and feeling 100% better. Aside from my health improving and increased energy, the providers at Elle are professional and caring. They are genuinely interested in how I feel and take as much time as necessary to discuss any issues. I have highly recommended these healthcare services to all my friends experiencing similar symptoms and fully endorse this healthcare clinic.” – Cathy, 49

“Hormone balancing at Elle has given me back my life! As a mature women of sixty plus years, I thought that declining energy, weak hair and nails were par for the course, until I met the providers at Elle Wellness. They explained the benefits of the Bio Identical Hormone program, which sounded perfect for me. It did not disappoint! I love the overall feeling of wellness that I wake up with EVERY DAY, and the impact that alone has had on my activity level. Age truly is just a number when your body has what it needs, and for me, its the program from Elle Wellness.” – Susie, 64